Don’t quit,Your problem could be a test!

Are you feeling stressed, unsure, and insecure with all this uncertainty that’s going on in your life and in the world? Is it testing your Faith and you’re wondering when things are going to let-up and get better and be more calm?

We understand if you’re feeling that way. We understand how difficult it is to try to sustain hope when things get rough – when it feels like things in your life (and work) feel like they’re spinning out of control – and you’re doing your best just to keep your seatbelt tightened and endure the emotional rollercoaster ride.

It seems like the shake-ups that are happening in the lives of many people around the world and in our economy is something that God is allowing even though we may not necessarily like it. The uncertainty is forcing us, and you, to dig-deep and unearth within ourselves an understanding of what really matters. It seems like God is allowing various degrees of chaos to happen around the world so that we can all go back to the basics of life – and see how much has gotten lost in the pursuit for more – and to reevaluate our core values and answer for ourselves:

Confusedwoman4What does more really mean anyway?

Have you found yourself saying at one time in your life, or maybe its now,:There has to be more to life than this?

We’re sure you have. We think everyone has asked that question at one time or another. And now, especially, it’s a question that’s being asked and vibrated out into the world in mass quantities. And it’s not because the outer world, or the CNN newsroom is suggesting you ask, but because your inner world will no longer let you ignore it.

We believe we are in one of the biggest wake-up calls of our lives.

We believe that God (or whatever you feel comfortable referring to as your Higher Power) is shaking things up to get our, and your attention – to show you that you’re so much more than the job, that you’re so much more than any accomplishment – or any of those outer things that you may believe defines you. They don’t.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re here to contribute to the solution and not the problem. You may not know ‘how’ yet but don’t worry about that. Simply tune-in, and ask God to help make it clear to you what’s being asked of you, and then, your only job is to choose to follow what is being asked of you if you’ll listen to the inner call of your heart, or the outer pull of your circumstances.

Just know at every moment you do have Faith in something – whether it’s fear and what everyone else is saying and telling you what you should do, or, whether it’s Faith in your own heart and what it’s calling you do.

Your faith may be being tested, but God wouldn’t have allowed the test if He wasn’t sure that You could handle it or if He wasn’t confident that You would pass the “faith”test!

Now, will you answer the call that God has placed deep down on the inside of you and pass the faith test? As always, it’s your choice.

-B. Stanton