A Christmas Idea

A Christmas Idea

Christmas was coming up, and Declan was determined to find get his father and brother the perfect gifts. Shopping for his mother was always easy; no one made it clearer what they wanted more than she did. His dad, and brother Jesse, were entirely different stories.

Every year Declan came home from Boston to Portland, and every year he could tell his gift was not what they were expecting to get. Three years ago, he got them both mountain bikes, only to find out that after crashing a friend’s bike, that his dad no longer enjoyed riding. Two years ago, he tried surprising them with a ride on a hot air balloon, and that is when they discovered that if you go high enough up, that Jesse got panic attacks. The last year, he took them on a deep sea fishing trip. It seemed like the perfect gift, but then only Declan caught anything, leaving his brother and father both frustrated and disappointed.

This year, Declan was determined to get the perfect gift. Only problem was, he was already back in Portland and still had no ideas. His flight came in late, and when he got up the next morning, his mother had made the family a particularly delicious looking breakfast. As they ate and caught up, Declan’s dad mentioned just how delicious the bacon was, and both Declan and Jesse enthusiastically agreed. Declan made up a story about going to see some old friends in town, when he was truly looking for a gift. He savored the taste of the breakfast as he walked the street.

Then, outside a shop that he had never been in, he saw the words Bacon Gifts. Everything clicked, he knew that neither of his loved one would be disappointed if he found a bacon related gift.

When he entered the shop, he could not believe his eyes. There was bacon of all different flavors, and of greater cut and quality than he had ever witnessed. There was bacon cologne, bacon pancake mix, bacon bourbon, bacon coffee, even bacon popcorn. He was overwhelmed.

After asking for the advice of the shop owner, he purchased for both Jesse and his dad the bacon cologne. He also picked up several flavors of gourmet bacon to go with it. When Christmas morning rolled around, Declan woke up early. He prepared several plates, each with a different gourmet bacon on it, and brought it to the table. His family was elated. After handing his dad and Jesse their Christmas gift of bacon cologne, he recognized their reaction of surprise. As soon as he gave the gift, Declan knew that he had picked the perfect gift. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift, consider bacon gifts.

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