Are you tired as Good Friday approaches?Think Yourself happy!

First of all, Happiness starts with you. You must first be happy with your self before you can be happy in your life. One notion that a lot of people have, is they think that money will solve all their problems, which will in turn make them happy. This has been a mistake that plenty of people have made over the years.

To get happiness we must first give happiness. What this means is we must vibrate with positive, happy thoughts. In the degree that we do this, what happens is we draw more happiness and positive things to us. This is because of the law of attraction. This is the law of like attracts like.

You don’t have to look hard for happiness. If you’re grateful for the things that you have, and the things you will have, you will receive more things to be grateful for. If you can convince your self that life is great, then you no longer have a reason to be unhappy. There a fairly big number of people that don’t believe that it is possible to get more happiness in your life just by thinking and being happy. We must think and feel happy in order to live a happy life.

I’ve met and worked with many successful people .They all have one character trait about them that sets them apart from the crowd. This trait is the fact that they were first happy with them selves, and that they were grateful to be of the living. They believe that everyday they live and breathe is a blessing that should be cherished. They know that if you’re not becoming happier every day, then you’re becoming more miserable everyday.

This draws more misery to you. You must focus on the positive things in your life. Stay motivated alive, and keep moving forward. You must get happy, cause this is your life.

Why don’t you enjoy it while you can? You will regret is later. Don’t waste your life by being unhappy. It’s just not worth it. God is willing to help make you happy but you have to be the one that chooses to think happy thoughts! If you can’t muster enough enough desire or energy to try to be happy, God stands ready, willing and able to help you think yourself happy! Why not invite Him into your unhappy situations and ask for His help in helping you become happy? After all, you do deserve to be happy!




Happy President’s Day!