There is still time For Your Miracle!


The story of Mary and the conception of Jesus reveals powerful keys to receiving God’s miracle-working power.

Before you can receive a miracle, you must receive a Word from God. Whether it comes from the Bible, through anointed preaching, or from the Lord speaking in your spirit, you must receive the Word that speaks to your situation.

When God told the prophet Elijah to seek out the widow of Zarephath, He had a plan for her. He intended to provide for her needs and prosper her in a time of drought and famine. When Elijah came to her, she had not yet received that Word from God. The prophet had to put a demand on her faith to bring her into God’s provision. She received God’s Word through the prophet, and in so doing received her miracle (1 Kings 17).

Receive God’s Word for your situation, and allow Him to conceive a miracle in your spiritual womb. Give God permission to birth new creation in your life. You are born of the Spirit, not of flesh. Be born anew in Christ Jesus.

Birth in me, Lord Jesus, Your new creation.
I desire to be born of the Spirit through
faith and truth in You. Amen.

And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. —Luke 1:28, 31

Shared with you by Pastor Rod Parsley