Struggling? Let God help!

If you’re like most people, you’ve run into your share of life’s struggles. Maybe you’re dealing with financial difficulty, health issues, a strained relationship, or just feeling a general lack of direction. It can be difficult to handle all the stress and uncertainty that comes along with life’s struggles. But no matter what you’re going through, you can find comfort in knowing that you are never alone – God is always with you and He wants to help. When you put your trust in Him, He will provide the strength, hope and peace that you need to get through the toughest times.

What Faith in God can do for You

When things seem impossible and life’s struggles seem overwhelming, it can be difficult to find the strength and hope to keep going. This is when faith in God can come to the rescue. He will give you strength and courage to take on the challenges that come with life’s struggles.

When you put your trust in God, He will give you peace in the midst of your troubles. You can trust Him to be faithful to you even in the most trying of times. He will give you guidance, wisdom and understanding and will reveal the steps you need to take to overcome your difficulties. And, He will always provide comfort and support during the storm, helping you to make it through.

You can also rely on God to help you manage your stress. When you take your worries and fears to Him in prayer, He will be able to calm your heart and give you a new perspective on the situation. His presence alone can take away the majority of your anxiety, allowing you to better handle life’s struggles.

The Power of Prayer

In addition to putting your faith in God, prayer can also be a powerful source of strength, hope and peace. No matter what you’re going through, you can go to God in prayer and ask for His help. He will rest your weary soul and give you the courage to go on.

Prayer gives us direct access to God and allows us to clearly communicate our needs to Him. He wants to hear from us, no matter how big or how small our troubles may be. He can observe every detail of our situation, and He desires to speak to us and guide us in it.

When things get tough and life’s struggles seem too much to bear, prayer is the key to finding peace and comfort. It offers us a chance to connect to God and to receive His divine wisdom and support. Prayer is like a lifeline in the midst of our storms – it brings us the hope, direction and comfort that we need to get through.

Surrendering to God

When life’s struggles get too difficult to handle, it can help to surrender to God. This can be a scary thing to do, especially if it means surrendering something that you’ve been fighting for or something that you consider very important. However, when we surrender to God, it is not a sign of weakness – it’s an act of faith and trust.

By surrendering to God, you are giving up control and trusting that He knows what is best for you. You are trusting that His plan for you will bring you into a place of peace and joy. When you surrender to God in this way, He will go to work on your behalf and will provide a way out of your struggles.

Pray the Prayer of Surrender

The Prayer of Surrender is a prayer of faith and trust. It is an offer to God to take the burden of your struggles into His hands. By praying this prayer, you are allowing Him to take control of your life and direct you to the place He has planned for you.

The Prayer of Surrender is not only beneficial for our struggles; it is also beneficial for our spiritual growth. When we surrender to God, we are allowing Him to work in our lives and shape us into the person He knows we can be. We are giving up our anxieties, our worries, and our fears and allowing Him to take control.


When life’s struggles seem too difficult to face alone, it is time to put your trust in God. He will give you the strength, hope and peace that you need to get through your difficulties. By praying the Prayer of Surrender, you are allowing Him to take control of your life and direct you to the place He has planned for you. God is never too far away, and He wants to help you in every area of your life.

Want God to help? Pray,

Dear God,

Thank You for always being with me, no matter what life’s struggles throw my way. I surrender to You, knowing that You are the only one who can truly lead me in a better direction. Please take control of my life, and give me Your wisdom, strength, and peace. Help me to remember every day that You are here to support me and that I can trust You to keep me strong. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.