Life is Joy!

 I see an eagle circling high overhead and deep in my soul I know my Father is near. I can feel the warmth of His tender love, and I am thankful. My heart is full of joy.

I have a very special affinity for birds. I feel like they are God’s little messengers. I don’t feel it with vultures, etc., but I definitely do with the beautiful little winged creatures He sends my way.

One day as I stood looking out of my large dining room window in northern Minnesota, I saw many little birds resting on a large bush nearby. As I stood there quietly enjoying the beautiful colors of their feathers, I suddenly felt a tremendous energy of unconditional love flowing from the birds to me, and flowing back from myself to them. It lasted just a few moments, but it was an awesome experience! Ever since then, I have felt that birds  are God’s special gifts that He often sent to me. Like if I felt a little down for some reason, a bird sometimes would land close to me and my heart would swell with joy. I would find myself thanking my Father for being there with me. I would thank Him for the presence of His little messenger.

Our Father is so wonderful, and it is so good to be alive. When we experience this feeling of God’s closeness, then our joy is on the inside in our hearts, and then we don’t just expect others to provide happiness for us. We have it within. Then it doesn’t matter where we are or who is around us, we can still feel peace and joy in our hearts, along with the closeness of our Lord.

May God’s love grow within each of us, and may we experience His blessings in abundance. Next time you are down, may He send you a beautiful little winged bird to remind you that He is near and that He loves YOU!

– D. K. Daigle