Is God calling YOU to Take a Leap of Faith?

Everything in me said “don’t do it” but for some reason I knew I was suppose to. Nothing really made sense about it, yet I knew it was from God. What you’re wondering, the leap of faith I was about to take. Though it was hard to rationalize, understand or see clearly I knew I had to take it. I was going to “step out of my comfort zone and into God’s hands”. I was going to let go of my life and put it in to God’s hands.

Stepping out on faith is never easy to do, but it is definitely worth the step, the leap, the anxiety. You may hear that still small voice, you may feel that invisible push, but somehow you just know, God is calling, God is prodding, He is waiting for you to take the leap.

Many people today are hearing that call, but few are answering. What about you? Are you hearing God’s call? Do you feel that inner tug, prompting you to just go ahead and do it….Go ahead and have faith……? It is like Scripture says, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Are you going to answer God’s call and go bring in the sheaves or are you going to sit there and wait, or sit there and do nothing?

Since taking my “giant leap of faith” as I call it almost 2 years ago I have seen God’s hands working in my life more than ever before. It is like when I let go, he took over right where I let go. No beat was missed, no stone was left un turned, everything was put into place as He saw fit.

Was it easy every minute of the last two years, well of course not, but it sure was worth it. The experiences have been life-changing, fulfilling and meaningful. Would I go back to the way my life was before? No way.

If you are feeling called to take a “leap of faith”, especially into an area of ministry, especially if God is calling you to use your voice, whether audibly through speaking or through the written word then say yes, to God, talk to Him, pray, saying, “Dear God, I do hear your voice, I feel the tug, help me have enough courage and endurance to take the leaps of faith you are prompting me to take…encourage me along the way, equip me and guide me, I humbly ask and pray, in Jesus name, Amen!

Decide right now, while you’re thinking about it, that you will go on with God so that He will go on with YOU!


-Alyssa Avant