Attend to God’s Words for Healing!

There is still just one thing that is needful and that is the Word of God. It’s the one thing that a believer cannot successfully do without. If you may attend to the Word and spend some time in it, every other situation in your life will be taken care of due to the faith, knowledge and knowledge that come from God’s Word.

Everything we do should revolve round the Word of God because it has the answer to every problem. The Word of God will make your time count. It will save you mistakes that cost time. Sickness costs time. The Word of God will make your life better and your time more productive. You can’t afford to be without the Word. Whenever I am getting under pressure and start to think, there is no way that I can do all that I have got to do, I know immediately that I can’t say I have been spending sufficient time in God’s Word. When I am getting bogged down in the affairs of life and pressure comes, I’m sure that my time in the Word has gone for something else. The Word of God causes your life to work. You will not get bogged down in the affairs of life if you may spend a little time in the Word, to meditate in it and see what God is saying to you.

The Bible says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee : because he trusteth in thee” ( Isaiah 26:3 ). When you spend a little time in the Word and stay your intellect on it, you’ll be kept in perfect peace and you may trust in Him. That is faith. Romans 10:17 asserts faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. You’ll be kept in this perfect peace because you trust in Him. Your religion will stay powerful and you will be trusting in the Lord, not in the things you can see.

When you keep your attention on God’s Word, your mind will be free from doubt. Many folks attempt to believe, but don’t have the Word in their hearts. Religion isn’t a mental process.

Believing in the heart comes from time spent in the Word of God. It takes more than simply a psychological decision to cause your vocabulary to be in accordance with God’s Word. Jesus declared, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” ( Matthew 12:34 ). You have to get God’s Word into your heart in spades so that it has more reality to you than the things you see. In other words, if you are sick, you want to come to a place where the Word of God has so much reality to you that the symptoms in your body count for nothing. That’s what Abraham did. He was fully persuaded that God was able and mighty to keep His Word ( Romans 4:21 ). It did not matter to him that he was a hundred years of age and the time for Sarah to bear kids had passed. He did not look at that. He was totally convinced the Word of God was true.

-G. C.