Need something? Have you asked God?

Are things simply not working for you? Does it feel like you’re backed in a corner with no way out? Are you facing the crossroads in your life and you have realized that you don’t know what to do? If this describes you in any way, you don’t have to walk around in circles trying to figure it all out by yourself, we have a suggestion for you, why not simply ask God for help?  Why not ask God to show you the way?

It’s not the same whether you ask of God a question or ask God for forgiveness, help, or something else.

Asking God a question is one part prayer and one part meditation. You have to speak clearly and listen for God’s answer to your question with an open mind if you want to be led by God in the right way. Even if you ask a single question, you will see there is a whole conversation hidden in it. Formulate a question as clearly as you can (it is imperative that you understand the question you are asking fully), and after that, quiet your mind and let the answer come to you in whatever expected or unexpected way it may come.

If you ask God for forgiveness, well, it’s not a bad thing, but know that God will forgive you whatever it is you have done. He doesn’t hate you or condemn you for your actions, but you may still have to take responsibility and face the consequences of your action in some cases. In asking God for forgiveness  it is really yourself you are asking to forgive because God will forgive you.

Let’s say you ask God for a new bicycle. The worst way to go about it is to ask God to open up the skies and drop a shiny new bicycle into your lap. A much better way to ask God for something is to ask God to empower you with a vision of yourself, and to give you solutions to your problematic situations so you can gain the knowledge and strength you will need to formulate His strategies to defeat the problems that you are encountering. If you do this, God can then guide you  to solutions according to your circumstances so that you will be able to defeat any demons of dysfunctions in your life and in this way you will be able to be freed up to carry out God’s plan and purposes for your life.  When you ask God this way, this will lead you to the desired state of success that you are seeking.  Also in this way you are setting yourself up for success rather than failure!

God is a nice partner for conversation. He is good. He is kind and patient. He will listen to you when you speak to Him and if you are willing to listen to Him, He will speak  to you and guide you in the way that you should go. Be aware that asking God anything will require that you have patience, because it may take some time before God responds to the question that you have asked Him.  To help you remember what questions you ask God, we suggest you use a journal to record your questions to God and then record His amazing answers.  We recommend, it is a free online journal that is handy and easy for you to access. When you ask God questions and record His answers, keeping an online journal will help you to remember how faithful God is and how He’s worked in and through your life. This journal will serve as an invaluable resource for you to help build your faith when you face challenging times and may doubt or be unsure about God and whether or not He will help you!

You might get into an argument with yourself, but you can never get into an argument with God. He does not argue with you, instead, He listens to understand. If you need help, why not ask God for it? If you are lost or confused, why not ask God to show you the way? If you are sick, why not ask God to lead you on the right pathway towards your healing process? If you need money, why not ask God to open up doors to opportunities and resources that will supply you with the income you need to be able to meet your needs? If you need anything else, why not ask God? After all, He is simply a prayer away and He is waiting for you to “simply ask Him”