Are You Tired of Being Tired of life?

In a moment we will share with you some questions you can use to coach yourself to help you become less tired of life!

But first…ask yourself the following questions;

Each day do you think ‘what’s the point’? So you feel like You’re so fed up, bored and filled with resentment? Do you get upset that nothing you do or say ever seems to work out the way you wanted it to? Do you start new things but very quickly they all ‘go to pot’ so to speak. Do you feel like your plans keep failing?

Do you hate how you feel, but it’s gone on so long now, you think you can’t change or shake yourself out of it anymore? Would you  rather close the door to the world (and your life) and take refuge? Is it just ‘one thing after another? Is there so much to work on and change, that you  get exhausted just thinking about where to even start? Does God need to come looking for you because you are so tired or because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Let us inspire you to let now be the time you turn things around! Let’s start here, right now, at this precise moment…

It is horrible to have gut wrenching pain of feeling so tired and feeling so empty inside. It is horrible to  feel like your life has become so insignificant to you  or maybe to others but right now can be the precise moment that all of that changes for you. God wants to reach into the circumstances that you might find yourself in and pour His healing balm where you hurt.  God wants to refresh you where you are tired in life. He wants to renew you where you are torn down.  He wants to give you new dreams, a new purpose and a new zest for life and a new zest for living.  Being exhausted all the time not only wears you out, it robs you of desire and passion for living but you can start again right now with God’s help and work towards the turn around in your life that God wants to give you.  At this moment you are creating space and energy for a change to take place.  That’s great news and God wants to meet with you and help you with your decision to change.

Being tired all of the time may not be normal for you, maybe your tiredness has to do with having an off day. It’s okay to have  ‘off days’, you know the days where you feel ‘out of sorts’ or your energy levels are depleted and you need a little rest, a little breathing space to recharge the mental batteries, time to get back in sync with who you are. God wants you to have more on days than off days so He wants to come into your circumstances and help you begin to gain the energy, passion, desire and strength to go on so you can live the life He has created you to live.

How can you reawaken yourself to life again and renew your energy? 

Richard Charles Baker once said ‘…your life becomes the thing you have decided it shall be’. This  may sum up your current problems perfectly, once you decide your life is ‘tiresome, boring and not worth anything to anyone or anything’…guess what? Your living  becomes a life that is tired, boring and worthless.

You have already made the choice.

How can you turn it around?

It would be so simple for us to say ‘do this, do that, do this next and then this, then all will be rosy in the garden.’

But life  needs to be tendered and cared for, so let us plant a seed. When feeling so low, the last thing you may need to hear (or read) is a set of instructions (that you may feel so overwhelmed looking at) so we’ll give you one tool…just one.


Watch Your Words

That’s it? Yes, that’s it. It’s one of the best, one of the easiest tasks. (And yes, one of the most challenging, yet ever so simple and effective.)

Words are so incredibly powerful (actually they can build you up and can destroy you within seconds) they create pictures, thoughts, emotions and then this produces the way you feel.

So the next time you say ‘I’m tired of life’. Would you be able to change your words and TELL yourself ‘that thought is not working for me anymore’

Purposely think differently, just for a second. Catch yourself. Watch yourself. Ask yourself, (if you can manage to pause for a second) – What does the word tired mean to you? What pictures does it create? What thoughts come up when you use the phrase? (We bet you don’t see you as successful or content.) How do you feel when you use the phrase? (Happiness? We wouldn’t think so.  Confident? Probably not.)

Lastly notice your behavior,  notice your physical body: the way you hold yourself, your shoulders, your posture, where you look. Do you pose tired or are you open, awake and alert?

If one word (in this case tired) can create all that, what other word could you replace it with so the thoughts, feelings and emotions are not as strong or negative?

One little word is holding you hostage to a sleeping life, one word. But all is not lost, God has given you the power to change that one word, so won’t you start right now at this precise moment changing that one word in your life so that God can begin to help you create the life He meant for you to live? Your world will change when you become willing to!