Are YOU Fed up with “Crucibles of Sufferings”?

Then the angel of the Lord came again a second time and touched him and said, “Get up, and eat, for the journey is too long for you without adequate sustenance.” (1 Kings 19:7 Amplified Bible)

Coming off the victory of a lifetime, Elijah received a threat from Queen Jezebel that shook his confidence and rocked his equilibrium. Fear crept into his mind, and like any fugitive might do, he hit the pavement lickety split. He escaped deep into the wilderness, plopped down under a juniper tree, and asked God to do him the honor of ending his life right then and there. He had had E-Nough.

Thank God He doesn’t answer our every prayer, for it certainly wasn’t his will to kill his most effective prophet. Not today. An angel touched him, waking him up, and provided food and beverage, telling him, in essence, “I know you’re strong in spirit, Elijah, but in case you haven’t noticed, you live in a body. Take care of that body. You’re in this for the long haul, buddy, and you ain’t done yet!”

Thus saith the Lord to you today, “Take care of yourself, my friend! Eat well! Eat often. Sleep well! Rest often.” And above all else, take your Vitamin D if you happen to live in a gloomy midwestern state as we do.

Want a stronger start to 2017? Pray this plain and simple prayer…


I started out this year ready to tackle the goals and objectives on my heart, for I was convinced that you put those desires there in the first place. Now, Lord, just a few days into 2017, I’m already feeling the heaviness of the challenges that taunt me. Fear is creeping in, threatening to undo my faith.

I say in response to those threats, “No, absolutely not! Not today! Not tomorrow!” I will not consider, heed, or toy with the devil’s bait to fear. I hereby reject it, for it is a lie (albeit mixed with a trifling of truth, as most lies are) making it as repugnant as  Haagen Dazs with cow pie crumbles!


Mark and Jill