Gifts from the holy land

Gifts from the holy land

Most of the people choose to give their loved ones presents that will have a special and spiritual meaning to them and that will go with them for a long time.

A good idea for these kinds of gifts is holy land gifts.


There is a wide variety of the  holy land gifts, and each one of these souvenirs is unique in it’s one way.

Here is a short review of the kinds of gifts you can surprise your loved ones with:


Jewish star of David – the tradition tells that the star of David was engraved to his shield. Since then, the Jewish star of David, that symbols protection, has become the symbol of the Jewish people through the history and today it is the most recognized symbol of modern Judaism. As a special gift it can come as a Pendant on a necklace, made from silver or gold, in many designs.


Messianic tallit – the tallit is a white shawl that the Jewish people wear on the holidays and Sabbath going to the synagogue to pray. The tallit was worn since Jesus time, as a reminder of the lord’s commandments. The explanation of the Tallit lies in Numbers 15 calling for the attachment of fringes to the four-cornered clothing.


Yemenite Shofars – the Shofar is an animal horn, used in religious Jewish ceremonies.

Back in the bible days it had many different uses, such as: in coronation of kings, to announce the beginning of the Sabbath and holidays or even as a military element, for Joshua used many Shofars to bring down the walls of Jericho. Today the most common use is blowing of Shofar on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.


Mezuzah: the mezuzah is basically a card that has parts of the Torah writing on it. You can find it on the right-hand doorpost in every Jewish home. According to the custom, when you leave or, you put your fingers on the mezuzah and then on your lips and that mean that the words of god will be with you wherever you may go.  The Mezuzah comes in many decorative ways and sizes.

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