Life Not Working? Perhaps There’s A Reason!


“Even though I gave them all my laws, they act as if those laws don’t apply to them.” Hosea 8:12

“Did God really say….?” Genesis 3:1

The first thing the sneaky serpent Satan said to Eve was to place doubts in her heart as to God’s instructions and whether or not they applied to her. Still today it’s the same ol’ rodeo. He asks us:

Did God really say to tithe?
Did God really say to forgive?
Did God really say to avoid anger?
Did God really say to abstain from sex outside of marriage?
Did God really say to rest one day a week?
Did God really say to stay out of debt?
Did God really say to pray for your enemies?
Did God really say to rejoice when we don’t feel like it?
Did God really say not to steal? Come on, it’s only one song.
And on and on….

Let’s pray that our hearts would be open to understand that compromise is never profitable. It is a sure way to lose our place in the garden, and life spirals downhill from there.


Teach me please to take everything you say to heart. Help me to resist the enemy of my soul who would love to water down your words, to blind me to instructions that inconvenience me, or to negate the benefits of your instructions. I want my life to work! I want to find my destiny in you! I desire great relationships, abundant supply of provision so I can give plenty away, a healthy body that thrives, and a heart that embraces all people. You have promised those blessings to those who follow your ways without compromise. Make me one of those folks! Please forgive me for picking and choosing which of your precepts I will follow. I choose to follow them all with Your help and grace.


-Pastor Mark and Jill