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Do You Need God To Speak and Guide You?

Are you paying attention to the voice of God? When I was in my 20s I was praying about whether I should enroll in graduate school. Then one morning in my devotional time I came to Psalm 32:8 and it

God’s Choir!

Children’s choirs filled the steps and sang cherished Christmas songs. Little faces filled the big screens on the church walls, and parents took pictures of their kids during the annual family Christmas program. Then the adult choir sang. The choir

A Christmas Prayer For You – Trust God in the Process!

Father, I praise you as the creator of the universe. Your world is amazingly expansive and you are in control of all things for the earth is yours and everything it contains belong to you. When life is chaotic and

Are You Worried This Christmas there isn’t enough?

We are professional worriers. We worry about anything that we set our minds to. Fundamentally, we worry that we won’t have enough—enough money, enough protection, enough strength, enough courage, enough faith, enough love. We are kind of like Gus the

Maybe God Wants YOU To Think Straight!

Have you ever felt the ground move under your feet? Do you know what it’s like to pitch from side to side in a small boat on strong seas? Have you ever had to run for cover, dodge bullets, or

God of Impossibilities!

All over this world, around us every day, are people who are looking for the truth to be lived out in the lives of those who claim it. Just as the widow watched Elijah, there are people watching you. They

God Is YOUR President!

Today as the President of the United States is chosen, remember if you love or follow God, He is Already YOUR President. He has already been elected, His term is eternal. He is seldom early but rarely late, He works

Troubled? Put on A Pair of God Glasses!

I admit it. I hate summer. It’s too hot. If your favorite season is summer, well, perhaps this column will help you during your least favorite season or when doing a task that you not love. So, I’ve said it.